1. Choose your project - (Design options can be viewed further down the page)

 * 12 x 12 Canvas - $20

 * 16 x 20 Canvas - $30 

We kindly ask that if you are planning on doing your own design that you come prepared with a print out of your own design and be prepared to use that print out as your design guide.

2. Choose your design from over 200 different patterns each laid out step by step with steps and colours.

3. We provide all the materials and tools you will need to create your masterpiece that will be ready to take home that day!

4. Complete your project and leave the clean up to us.

12 x 12 Canvas Designs

How does walk in canvas painting work?

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‚ÄčIf you can't find what you are looking for please contact the studio at 306-825-2787

16 x 20 Canvas Designs

Gift Certificate

Walk in empty handed and leave with a stunning masterpiece you will be proud to hang and display.