• We are NOT currently offering:

    • CANVAS PAINTING IN STUDIO - You are still very welcome to order TO GO Kits to take home.

    • SILK SCREENING or access to any other high contact, hard to clean tools.

  • As of October 1st - you will be required to provide proof of vaccination or a negative covid test in order to create in the studio, attend a birthday party or join a class. Ages 11 and under are exempt from this requirement.

  • You do not need proof of vaccination status or negative test to drop off your child, purchase something from our retail area, purchase a gift card or to pick up or drop off your creations.

  • We reserve to right to refuse service to anyone showing any signs of illness.

  • Masks are currently required in the studio per the Public Health Order dated September 17th for the province of Saskatchewan.

  • We will no longer be holding work in progress, if you don't finish your creations, we will package with glazes for you to finish at home.

What You Need To Know

What You Can Expect From Us

  • Adherence to any and all public health orders within our jurisdiction.

  • Staff health screening prior to their shifts.

  • Strict enforcement of signs of illness policy:

    • We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone showing signs of illness

    • We will be sending staff home immediately should they start to show any signs of illness

  • Access to hand sanitizer at multiple points in the studio.

  • Increased cleaning of high contact areas / points within the studio.

  • Increased and timed cleaning of the washrooms.